Easter Egg

Somewhere on this web site is a hidden page. If you go through all of the web page and library source code, you will find no direct reference to it. Computer programmers will often refer to such a hidden feature as an ‘Easter egg’.

The reward to the first person who successfully determines how to pop-up the hidden page will be:
1) I will send you two of the maple butter chocolate confections described on my  favourites page. (Two because they are each half-eggs, so that makes a prize of one complete egg.)
2) I will put your name here, so that everyone will know how clever you are at deciphering undocumented javascript.

Employees of x10hosting.com please note that this offer is not valid for anyone with execute permission on the web home directories. To everyone else: Happy Hunting !

Note that I am not talking about the small copies that are used for my web-site "favorite" icon, or the link to this page. To see what the full-size egg looks like (on the site where I got it from), click on the "Second Place" winner here.